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Unlock New Possibilities with Swell and Shopify Flow: Part 1


Unlock New Possibilities with Swell and Shopify Flow: Part 1

Have you ever wanted to do something extra special for your best customers? Maybe surprise and delight them on their birthday? With our Shopify Flow connector, you can further integrate your Incentive Marketing Program with your overall customer experience.

In the Fall of 2017 Swell was hand-selected by Shopify, along with a few other technology providers, to be part of the beta launch of Shopify Flow. At Unite 2018, Shopify announced the ability for partners to build connectors - allowing custom triggers and actions to be created by apps merchants use every day. Swell is among the first to create a connector, and we want to show you exactly what it means for Shopify stores using swell to power their incentive marketing programs.

Although connectors are currently in beta, you can sign up for early access to use them if you’re currently using Flow, and you have our Swell app integration installed.

Because of the vast array of possibilities that our new connector unlocks, we’ll be discussing the new functionality in two parts. This part - Part 1 - will be focused on the data that Swell sends to Shopify, called triggers within Flow. Part 2 will focus on actions that Flow can send to Swell including events initiated by other apps.

What is Shopify Flow?

To help you understand why we’re so excited about the possibilities that Flow unlocks, lets cover what it is. Flow is an ecommerce automation platform built by Shopify and available to stores on the Shopify Plus platform.

It enables stores to build multi-step automated workflows that can be used to accelerate day-to-day business tasks and increase overall efficiency. On its own, Flow offers the ability to massively increase your stores ability to gather data and make data-based decisions. With Swell’s data, the benefits are even greater.

Take Your Incentive Marketing Program Data Beyond Swell

At Swell we’ve designed and carefully refined the incentive marketing experience from start to finish, but there are many factors outside your incentive marketing program that impact your overall customer experience. With the data that Swell sends to Flow, you can now build a more perfectly uniform and interconnected customer experience that further improves your bottom line.  

As a Swell user, Flow opens up countless possibilities to analytical ecommerce businesses by taking data that was previously utilized exclusively as part of your incentive marketing program and applying it to all facets of your sales and marketing strategies. Previously, when a customer made multiple referrals, redeemed a coupon within Swell, or earned a VIP tier, for example, that data remained within Swell and select apps that we had built integrations with. Connectors for Shopify Flow fully releases that information.

Now, based on actions that your shoppers take within your incentive marketing program, you can trigger complete workflows within Flow that are designed to automatically process that data and use it to initiate processes that generate value.

Swell Shopify Flow Graphic

How exactly does Swell work with Flow?

In order to maximize the flexibility you have to leverage data to automate aspects of your business, we push 17 unique events to Flow. The events, listed below, span all four major tools that Swell offers:

General Rewards Program Events

  • Swell Points Earned
  • Swell Redemption Created
  • Swell Points Reminder
  • Swell Redemption Reminder
  • Swell Customer Birthday

Referral Specific Events

  • Swell Referral Share
  • Swell Referral Completed
  • Swell Referral Share Reminder
  • Swell Referral Discount Code Updated

VIP Program Events

  • Swell Tier Earned
  • Swell Tier Lost

Influencer Marketing Events

  • Swell Purchase Payout Scheduled
  • Swell Redemption Payout Scheduled
  • Swell Purchase Payout Received
  • Swell Purchase Payout Unclaimed
  • Swell Redemption Payout Received
  • Swell Redemption Payout Unclaimed

The process of using these events within Flow is straightforward and easy. Swell automatically pushes this information directly to Shopify, so any data relevant to your incentive marketing program will automatically be visible in the Flow interface as you go about building your workflows. For example, if you are running a VIP program in Swell, your Tier-related events will now exist within Flow without your team needing to take any additional steps.  

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3 Fast Automation Enhancements using Swell Data with Shopify Flow


Each of the 17 events listed above can be pulled into Shopify Flow and used to initiate any combination of actions. A particular customer sharing a referral link can trigger a workflow that tags them as a brand advocate and qualifies them for a particular discount. Or a customer losing a VIP tier can trigger a campaign designed to recapture them as a high-value customer. There are nearly infinite options you can set up in Shopify Flow using our data and a little bit of creativity. In this post, we’ll highlight 3 high-impact ways Swell data in Shopify Flow can enhance both your incentive marketing program and your greater ecommerce automation strategy.  

Deepen Relationships with VIP Customers

People want to feel both included and accomplished. VIP tiers capitalize on this psychological phenomenon by creating a feeling of exclusivity within your store that evokes a sense of desire amongst your customers. Customers see higher level tiers and instinctively want to reach those levels to prove themselves and evaluate themselves against their peers. But what happens once they get there? Often times once customers reach higher VIP levels, incentives can begin to grow stale. How do you take these customers who have reached the top tiers and continue to delight them and encourage them to remain active with your brand?

We recommend using Shopify Flow to automatically identify VIP customers who may be at risk of losing interest in your incentives over time and initiating a few simple gestures that can reaffirm their commitment.

Use “VIP tier earned” to trigger a workflow within Shopify that notifies your team that a customer has reached your top VIP level. Your team can then specifically target that customer and send them custom package maybe including a handwritten note thanking them for their dedication to your brand along with a limited edition t-shirt.

Screen Shot 2018-05-01 at 10.20.38 PM

Automatically Identify High-Value Influencers

Using Swell’s comprehensive influencer and referral dashboards on their own, you can understand who your top influencers are and what statistics indicate that a referrer may potentially be an effective influencer. Now with Flow, you can easily leverage that data not only to identify valuable new influencers, but also to automatically initiate an outreach process designed to convert them into brand advocates.

We recommend that you treat potential influencers similarly to how B2B companies treat large accounts. Since great influencers can impactfully contribute to your business over the long run, it’s worth opening up deep and involved communications with as many of these candidates as possible. Previously, this process was be a bit time consuming for your team to continually identify and reach out to potentially high value influencers are. However, Shopify Flow’s automation capabilities allow you to add high volume to your pursuit of Swell influencers and thereby expand your influencer network quickly and efficiently.

When a customer completes multiple referrals through Swell, launch a workflow in Shopify designed to encourage them to become influencers for your brand. Send an internal notification to your team alerting you to send an influencer package including personalized communications explaining your cash payouts program and free products to encourage them to continue to promote your brand.

Craft Comprehensive Birthdays Campaigns for High-Potential Customers

With the 80/20 rule is fairly entrenched in ecommerce and stipulates that 20 percent of customers make up 80% of value to your store. While the specific percentages vary from store to store, one question we often get from clients is how can they get more of their “bottom 80%” of customers to perform like their top 20%.

There are several approaches you can take to to identifying high-potential customers who may eventually become part of your 20%. We like to focus on customers who previously made large orders with your store and are most likely to have your products and your business top of mind. A concerted effort to improve relationships with those customers greatly improves the probability that these customers eventually convert to repeat purchasers and high lifetime value customers over the long run.  

Using point totals or total spend, categorize which of your customers are potential high-performers, and craft a birthday campaign within Flow. Make this birthday campaign specifically targeted at delighting those previously identified customers, including personalized messaging and discounts that make them feel important to your brand. These gestures can solidify relationships that are relatively new so that the next time that customer is thinking about making a purchase they have more positive experiences that will bring them back to your brand.

Screen Shot 2018-05-02 at 6.52.39 PM

Ultimately our goal is to provide you with as much data as possible. What you do with that data through ecommerce automation is open to your imagination. By leveraging all of your Swell program data outside of your incentive marketing platform you can unlock new synergies and empower your overall store performance.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our series, where we’ll show you how to use triggers in combination with other Flow connected apps to send actions to Swell.

Nikhil Naidu

Nikhil Naidu

Growth Marketer at Swell


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