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Incentive Marketing Case Study: Zappos Rewards

When it’s time for a new pair of shoes, where do you go? If your solution involves opening up your computer and googling “buy shoes”, chances are that you’ve stumbled across Zappos.com. Zappos, the #1 online footwear retailer and clothing shop, has much to be proud of. Based in Las Vegas, the company has 1,500…

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smb june 2015 results

Swell Rewards Merchant Spotlight: How Smoky Mountain Beards Drove a 150%+ Increase in Revenue from Existing Customers with a Few Clicks

It’s no big secret that beards are as in today as they’ve ever been.  Whether it’s trendy young professionals, big-time movie stars, or outdoorsmen (who are probably surprised to see others borrowing their style!), it’s hard to walk down the street without seeing a man who’s decided to put the razor away for at least…

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