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How We Think About Customer Retention

For e-commerce businesses, customer retention works almost completely differently than it does for stores with a “brick and mortar” presence.  Brick and mortar businesses enjoy a simple advantage that others can’t replicate:  they have a tangible, physical location.  The secret lies in the fact that in-person businesses have a much easier job when it comes…

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Why Academics’ Findings on Customer Retention Might Surprise You

  If you run a Google search for the phrase “what drives repeat spending”, you’ll find all kinds of compelling suggestions.  “Start a loyalty program!” seems to be a popular option.  “Build a community!” is also relatively prevalent.  A Harvard Business Review article says that it’s all about creating a great “customer experience”…can’t argue against…

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Swell Rewards Merchant Spotlight: How Smoky Mountain Beards Drove a 150%+ Increase in Revenue from Existing Customers with a Few Clicks

It’s no big secret that beards are as in today as they’ve ever been.  Whether it’s trendy young professionals, big-time movie stars, or outdoorsmen (who are probably surprised to see others borrowing their style!), it’s hard to walk down the street without seeing a man who’s decided to put the razor away for at least…

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Key E-Commerce Metrics that Don’t Get Enough of the Spotlight…Part 1

Metrics are an important tool when it comes to successfully managing any business, regardless of whether you’re a sole proprietor or a Fortune 500 CEO.  When used correctly, metrics can provide the critical insights needed to inform sound business decisions. When it comes to e-commerce businesses, it seems like there are a handful in particular…

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Two Very Simple Reasons why Customer Retention is Important for Online Businesses

We founded Swell Rewards in part because we feel that there are too many “acquisition-focused” tools out there today (SEM, SEO, ads on social media, etc.), and not enough that help online businesses bring their customers back to their stores. But underlying that notion is a simple question: why do businesses need to make a…

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How Our Blog Can Help Your Business

In our last post, we talked about why Swell Rewards exists in the first place. In this one, we’ll talk about what types of topics we’re going to cover on this blog and how they can help you grow your e-commerce business. In short, this blog is meant to be a reflection of our founding…

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Welcome to Swell!

It just so happens that May is “Small Business Month”, which is very fitting in a way; not only are we launching a small business of our own (which will hopefully be much bigger someday), but we’ve also tasked ourselves with helping millions of small businesses succeed all over the world. Small businesses are thriving…

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