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How to Reward Product Reviews and Supercharge Your E-Commerce Business

Today, product reviews are an incredibly popular add-on for e-commerce sites; whether you’re a store owner, occasional shopper, or both, it’s highly likely that you’ve run into at least a handful of sites which readily display what previous customers think of their products. Yotpo, which helps e-commerce businesses manage, display, and earn additional product reviews, classifies reviews…

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How to Improve Digital Coupon Usage for your E-Commerce Business

Coupons. Discounts. Deals. Promotions. By now most of us have heard that it’s much cheaper to retain a customer than it is to secure a new one, and e-commerce businesses are flooding their customers with reasons to return.  These programs are designed to reward customer loyalty and keep people coming back to your store. Over…

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Crunching the Numbers on Time to Rewards Program ROI

“Hey, so how long will it take for my customers to actually begin using their points / sending their referral link to friends / signing up for my mailing list?!” When merchants come to us asking about rewards program ROI, we completely understand; after investing the time and energy to customize and launch their rewards…

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We’re Changing Our Pricing Plans! Here’s What You Need to Know.

On July 11th, we’re going to roll out a few changes to our premium plans. While “Swell Pro” will no longer exist in its current form, we’re making sure that we do everything we can to minimize the impact on our current Pro users. And in many cases, you’ll find that you’re paying less than you currently are on…

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Now, Analyze Rewards Program Performance with Swell’s Program Dashboard!

From the time we onboarded our first merchant, our team realized the importance of demonstrating to our merchants just how much value the Swell platform adds to their businesses. Today, we’ve taken an important step towards that goal with the release of a detailed performance dashboard, which is now live in the Program Dashboard section of your…

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How to Use Subscriptions to Unlock Additional Revenue for Your E-Commerce Business

Recently, e-commerce businesses of all shapes and sizes have been using a new tactic to drive growth: they’ve started offering subscription-based products. You’ve probably seen or heard about subscription boxes. In fact, maybe you’re even a subscriber to a handful! For those who aren’t familiar though, the customer typically pays a monthly fee (which is…

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3 Hidden Techniques to Increase Conversions

By now, it may seem like you’ve heard it all when it comes to increasing conversions. Factors such as clear product descriptions, high-resolution videos, and a smooth, simple checkout process have been proven to increase conversion rates, and chances are that you’ve spent countless hours obsessing over all of those details.  You might also find…

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5 Tips to Create a Rewards Program that Drives Revenue

To this day, one of the biggest thrills our team gets is seeing merchants use our platform to design compelling, creative rewards programs that get real results. But over the course of hundreds of emails, chats, and phone calls with our merchants, we’ve learned that one of the most challenging aspects when it comes to getting set up on our platform…

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Increase Sales and Delight Customers with an Omnichannel Rewards Program!

We’re pleased to announce that if you use Shopify POS to handle your in-person transactions, you can now use Swell inside the app to reward customers regardless as to where they shop with you! On some occasions, our merchants have asked us why they should bother to integrate their rewards and referral programs between storefront and website.  “Can’t…

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