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Three Promotional Strategies to Boost Rewards Program Engagement for your Store

Loyalty programs work. The most successful ones — think My Best Buy and United Airlines’ MileagePlus — are driven by effective promotional strategies that generate new leads and engage existing customers. Whether it’s on your site or in your communications with your customers, your rewards program is only going to succeed if customers are able to…

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How to Become Irresistible With These Seven Winning Customer Retention Strategies

Your first love likely seemed irresistible… It’s a feeling characterized by an insatiable thirst to return to your love time and time again regardless of the difficulty, distance, or dire straits involved. Unfortunately, with maybe the exception of childhood sweethearts who ultimately marry, that irresistibility generally wears off over time and leads to a parting…

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Make Sure Your Customer Loyalty Program Creates Real Loyalty

The tags that hang on your keychain… Or the cards that fatten your wallet… Even the rewards applications that fill your phone… These items prove you love the brands with which you do business. They’re tangible evidence of your loyalty. Or are they? Real loyalty (the type that manifests itself in the form of higher…

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Get Your Store Ready for the Holidays with These Four Simple Steps

The holiday season is one of the most important time periods for e-commerce merchants. Data from RJ Metrics shows that during that time merchants acquire between 29% and 59% more customers when compared with other months. During this critical period, merchants can expect to generate a substantial percentage of their annual revenue. The exact revenue…

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Announcing Exciting New Features for Your Swell Account!

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been thrilled to get so much actionable, targeted feedback from our merchants.  To those of you who took the time to chat, email, and even call us, we thank you profusely for your input! Based on what we heard from each of you, we spent some time working on a…

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Campaign Spotlight #3: Tweet and Retweet Campaigns!

Onwards with our Campaign Spotlight series!  Previously, we discussed our Twitter Follow and Facebook Page Visit campaigns in more detail.  Today, we’re going to cover two other new and exciting campaigns; this post is all about our “Tweet” and “Retweet” campaigns! What Do These Campaigns Do? Both our Tweet and Retweet campaigns are designed to help your site…

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Campaign Spotlight #1: Facebook Page Visit!

In this series of Campaign Spotlight posts (the first one is this one!), we want to provide a bit more guidance on: How each campaign can help your business grow What types of businesses should consider running each campaign How to determine how many points to offer in exchange for user participation With that, we’ll get started…

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