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Campaign Spotlight #4: Newsletter Signup!

We’re getting pretty close to the end of our Campaign Spotlight series, but we’re not quite there yet!  In today’s post, we’re going to cover one of our most compelling campaigns – the Newsletter Signup campaign! What Does the Newsletter Signup Campaign Do? Put very simply, our Newsletter Signup campaign allows you to offer a…

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Campaign Spotlight #2: Twitter Follow Campaign!

Last week, we wrote the first post in our “Campaign Spotlight” series about our Facebook Page Visit campaign.  Continuing the series today, we’re going to cover our Twitter Follow campaign! What Does the Twitter Follow Campaign Do? You guessed it:  with just a few clicks, you can incentivize your site visitors and customers to Follow your business on Twitter….

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Campaign Spotlight #1: Facebook Page Visit!

In this series of Campaign Spotlight posts (the first one is this one!), we want to provide a bit more guidance on: How each campaign can help your business grow What types of businesses should consider running each campaign How to determine how many points to offer in exchange for user participation With that, we’ll get started…

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We just rolled out changes for our merchants, and today we’re excited to announce some big updates for consumers!

In our last blog post, we discussed a number of exciting changes for our merchants; through our online platform, merchants are now able to reward their customers with points for “Following” them on a variety of social media platforms, subscribing to their Newsletters, visiting a webpage, reading any type of content, and more. As we alluded to in our…

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Announcing LOTS of New Campaigns for our Merchants!

For the past couple of weeks, our team here at Swell Rewards has been working nonstop to release the latest (and greatest) version of our Customer Retention Suite.  The Retention Suite is now available in the Shopify App Store, and we’ll be going live with a few new partners in the coming weeks as well….

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How Our Blog Can Help Your Business

In our last post, we talked about why Swell Rewards exists in the first place. In this one, we’ll talk about what types of topics we’re going to cover on this blog and how they can help you grow your e-commerce business. In short, this blog is meant to be a reflection of our founding…

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Welcome to Swell!

It just so happens that May is “Small Business Month”, which is very fitting in a way; not only are we launching a small business of our own (which will hopefully be much bigger someday), but we’ve also tasked ourselves with helping millions of small businesses succeed all over the world. Small businesses are thriving…

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