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Why Perceived Relationship Investment is Your Key to a Successful Rewards Program for the Holidays

It’s no surprise to hear that the holiday season is strongly associated with generosity. For most people, its a time for gift-giving, volunteering, and general altruism. For people in the ecommerce world, its also time for increased traffic, orders, and profits. While processing the increase in activity, one thing many retail businesses overlook is that they can actually partake in the gift-giving and kindness as well….

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Why a Good Brand Image in Ecommerce Is Essential and How A Loyalty Program Can Enhance Yours

Ecommerce, already one of the fastest growing global industries, is projected to have grown 8-12% in 2017 and to continue on an upward trend for the foreseeable future. That means in addition to the growth of giants like Amazon and Alibaba, new brands are popping up every day joining niche industries and turning them into crowded perfectly competitive markets….

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Innovation in the Loyalty Space: an O2 Priority Case Study

O2 — a UK telecom provider — has chosen to provide its customers with not one but two relatively distinct rewards programs. The first is called “O2 Rewards”, and is more traditional in format. As part of this program, O2 customers receive 5-10% back on their top-ups every three months; this credit can then be redeemed either…

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