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Reactivate One-Time Holiday Shoppers with a Dynamic Marketing Strategy

As an ecommerce merchant, you can’t wait for the holiday season. November and December, two of the most popular shopping months, each bring 30% more ecommerce revenue than non-holiday months. It all begins with Thanksgiving as consumers take off work to celebrate with their families and retailers offer major online promotions and discounts. In 2016,…

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Drive Referral Program Shares and Conversions on Mobile with Swell’s Facebook Messenger Integration

We often state that lasting customer loyalty and quality customer engagement boil down to a great customer experience. From the moment shoppers first arrive on your site to the moment they excitedly unpack their orders, an optimized customer experience is a crucial factor in whether or not shoppers come back to your store next time…

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Case Study: Tesla’s Consumer-Centric Referral Program

Whether helping to pioneer the electric car industry or the self-driving car industry, Tesla — helmed by the formidable Elon Musk — is a distinctly innovative company. Their online referral program has also been notable, not only in its success but also in its ability to drive sales with next to no help from advertising. And…

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Supercharge Your Loyalty Program with Product-Based Point Redemption

Rewards programs are built around the concept of offering value to customers in exchange for brand loyalty:  Stores offer points to customers who make purchases or take other meaningful actions, and offer discounts to their products as an incentive to keep their customers coming back for more. The concept is straightforward, but like most rewards…

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