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5 Loyalty Program Best Practices that Drive Engagement

Do any of these statements apply to you? I created a loyalty program and want to make it better. I am planning on implementing a loyalty program but am unsure how to start. I could benefit from a few strategies to maximize customer retention from some high-growth ecommerce businesses. If you agree with any of these…

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Effective Referral and Loyalty Programs in The Beauty Industry: A Deep-Dive

The beauty industry, worth $80 billion in the US alone, encompasses the skincare, fragrance, cosmetics, and hair care industries, as well as some of the personal care industry.  It hasn’t transitioned online as quickly as many other consumer packaged goods have, but this is beginning to change (as evidenced by the fact that the online share of…

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Building an Activewear Loyalty Program That Your Customers Love

Whether you’re lifting weights in the gym, doing yoga in the studio, or jogging in the park, you rely on clothes that will support your physical activities. “Activewear” apparel, clothing designed for an active lifestyle, is able to provide both comfort and an extended range of motion while exercising. The activewear industry is booming as…

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Incentive Marketing Case Study: Zappos Rewards

When it’s time for a new pair of shoes, where do you go? If your solution involves opening up your computer and googling “buy shoes”, chances are that you’ve stumbled across Zappos.com. Zappos, the #1 online footwear retailer and clothing shop, has much to be proud of. Based in Las Vegas, the company has 1,500…

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