Use Your Swell Account to Earn More Newsletter Signups!


Use Your Swell Account to Earn More Newsletter Signups!

We’re thrilled to announce the release of our “Newsletter Signup” tool – now live in your Swell account!

Swell exists to help you incentivize a variety of actions - purchases, social media activity, targeted page visits, account registrations, etc. - which are critical to building a successful store.  Until now, the only way we’ve offered for you to advertise these promotions is via our rewards popup, which is the “hub” where all of your customers can participate in and track their rewards activity.

We recognized early on though that some "actions" are so important, however, that they deserve to be advertised outside of the list of ways in which customers can earn points.  So with the release of our new tool, you can now earn more newsletter signups in a highly-targeted, highly-prominent fashion!

Ok, So How Does the New Tool Help Me Increase Newsletter Signups?

The Newsletter Signup tool allows you to custom design a beautiful popup, which you can use to offer a reward in exchange for a customer's email address!  It's an excellent way to capture more subscribers so that you can continue to market to them long after they've left your site.

You can tailor the Newsletter Signup tool to meet your specific needs; not only can you change the colors, size, and font, but you can also decide exactly when and where the popup displays.  For example, you can use it to:

  • Get the customer's email when they first land on the site – Give your site visitors a reason to sign up for your newsletter by offering either points or a coupon directly in exchange for an email address.  This technique is proven to boost your valuable base of newsletter subscribers.
  • Capture the email address of a visitor who is about to leave your site – One of the most valuable uses of the Newsletter Signup tool is that it can be used when a visitor appears to be on the verge of leaving your site. Using our advanced technology, we detect when a site visitor is on the verge of leaving your page, and make sure that they see the popup just before they go.

In exchange for your customers and site visitors agreeing to provide their email address, you can choose to reward them with either points or a coupon directly.  Better yet, if you’re a Swell Pro user, you can use the tool to access even more custom design features to ensure the popup perfectly resonates with the rest of your brand.

swell-rewards-email-capture Use the Email Capture tool to custom design a tailored popup to boost newsletter subscriptions.

Can This Replace My Existing Email Capture App or Tool?

Absolutely!  When we recognized just how important targeted popups were to our merchants, we knew that our tool had to offer all of the features that a standalone email capture popup tool does, and we designed our Newsletter Signup tool with that in mind.

The benefit to using ours, of course, is that it's all part of the same app, and syncs up perfectly with your rewards and/or referral program!  Now, for a single customer, you'll be able to see whether they've subscribed to your newsletter, whether they're participating in your rewards program, whether they're referring friends to your store, and more, all in the same screen!

And perhaps best of all, it's also included in your Free and Pro membership (depending on how much functionality you need) -- that means no separate payment for a standalone email capture required, and fewer apps to manage!

How Do I Use the Email Capture Tool?

You can access the popup via the "Newsletter Signup" section in your Swell account.

To edit the popup, which includes enabling it so that it begins appearing on your site, just click on the "Customize Popup" button underneath the popup preview!

The tool comes with a default template, which you can edit in a limited fashion if you're on our Free plan, and to a larger extent if you're on the Swell Pro plan!

Here's a quick overview of some of the key features now available in the Newsletter Signup tool:

Offer Either Points or a Coupon -- It's Your Choice!

Just click on the Change Reward button to toggle between reward options for your customers:


Just remember to set up your corresponding coupons in the Coupons section of your Swell account!  That way, we can automatically send a unique coupon code to each individual who provides their email address.

Endless Customization Options

Click on the Customize Popup button to access our custom-built popup editor tool:


In the editor tool, you'll find a whole host of customization options available to you:

  • Enable or disable the popup altogether by toggling the "Popup Enabled?" button in the top left-hand corner.
  • Change the amount of time it takes the popup to load after a visitor lands on the page, and how often the popup shows to a visitor, by using the "Show on Page Load" and "Frequency Limit" options.
  • Grab a customer's email address before they leave the site!  Swell Pro users can turn on the "Exit Intent" option to show the popup right as a visitor is about to click elsewhere.
  • Click on any item (text or button) in the picture of the popup itself to choose fonts, colors, backgrounds, and more!
  • You can also use the editor bar on the left to change the overall background color, border, and size of the popup!

Newsletter Signup Popup Statistics

swell-email-capture-tracking Monitor the progress of your newsletter signup popup using the included statistics dashboard.

The Newsletter Signup tool displays three key statistics:

  1. Total Views:  The number of visitors that have seen the popup, regardless as to whether or not they've seen it before.
  2. Unique Views:  The number of unique individuals who have seen the rewards popup.
  3. Emails Captured:  The number of people who have decided to provide their email address, and who have earned a reward in return!

Keep in mind that to use the Email Capture tool in all of its fully-featured glory, you do need to be a Swell Pro user, but there are certainly a large number of exciting features available to our Free plan users as well.

Rather than creating a standalone app that we charge separately for, our goal is to enable our merchants to use Swell's suite of complementary tools alongside one another.  Now, you can capture a customer who comes to your site (with Newsletter Signup), get them to enroll in the rewards program (to become a repeat purchaser), and then convert them into a brand evangelist that will drive new customers to your store (with the referral program)!

In other words, with the addition of Newsletter SIgnup, Swell is quickly becoming your all-in-one tool to drive growth for your store!

We hope you enjoy using the new tool -- remember if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out to our team!

-The Swell Team


Josh Enzer

Josh Enzer

Co-Founder and CEO at Swell


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