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We Changed Our Name! Here's Everything You Need to Know


We Changed Our Name! Here's Everything You Need to Know

As of today (or yesterday if you follow us on social media), ChainPerks is now called “Swell Rewards” (or just “Swell” for short).  It’s a big change for us – we’re currently on the hunt for all of the mentions of our old name that we’ve missed, changing our email addresses, and making all of the lovely technical adjustments that come along with a name change.

For our merchants though, we know that this is going to be a change for the better.

If you're a merchant, you probably have a few questions about what this means for you, and we don't blame you.  The short answer is that almost everything - including our powerful campaigns and world-class customer service - will stay the same, but your account can now be found at Swell instead of chainperks.com.

Below are a few answers to what we anticipate will be some commonly asked questions about the name change.  If you have specific questions though, we want to hear from you -- just email us using the team (at) swellrewards (dot) com and one of us will get back to promptly!

Why Did You Change the Name?

We changed our name to better reflect where we’re headed as a business.  Our offering has changed dramatically since we chose the name ChainPerks, but "Swell" is more closely associated with who we aspire to be:  easy to understand, easy to remember, and (of course) incredibly classy!

swell-rewards-mascot-thumbs-up We think our mascot is a pretty "Swell" dude!

What Does This Mean if I’m a Merchant?

The good news is that if you’re a merchant, it’s going to be business as usual.  In fact, it’s going to be better than usual, because we’re releasing some awesome updates to go along with the name change.

If you’re a merchant, there is absolutely no action required on your end.  We’ve already moved your account over to our new site:


You can log in there (using the login you created with ChainPerks) and it will be business as usual.  Don't worry if you accidentally try going to www.chainperks.com instead -- we'll automatically point you back in the right direction.

For your customers, there’s absolutely zero hiccup; they’ll be able to see the widget on your site (if you have it enabled) as they always do, and all of their rewards information will be on their new accounts at swellrewards.com.

I Think I Heard Something About "Awesome" Updates?

As our way of saying “thank you” for bearing with us during the transition, we’re giving all of our merchants a special treat:  a brand new, more user-friendly merchant site!

There are two major feature improvements which are live right now in your new account:

  1. No credit card needed to run a campaign! We think this is a big one, and we hope you do too.  Previously, we allowed our merchants to design campaigns, but required a credit card to enable the campaign (so that we could award points to your customers automatically).  Now, you can take your campaigns live with no credit card required. 

We think this is a great option for those merchants of ours out there who have been hesitant to enable their campaigns because of the credit card hurdle.  We get that the credit card upfront was too big of an ask, so we've changed the way our offering works.  This way, you can see the campaigns working before you buy any points to award to your customers.

When you do take your first campaign live, the points your customers have earned will go into “pending” status.  When you’re ready, you can log in and approve each award manually – if you need points to award your customers, you can buy them right then and there.  If you’d like, you’ll also have the option to sign up for an automatic “top up” plan so that you don’t have to manually buy more points, and an "auto approve" feature so that you don't have to manually approve each point award.

  1. All of our screens look nicer, and (more importantly) they’re easier to navigate! We’re rolling out a fresh new image to go along with our name.  You can log in to your merchant account to check it out, but here’s a quick preview.

Here’s what the old campaign selection screen looked like…


And here’s what you new one looks like!



We’ve also updated the navigational bar.  Instead of the old version, which took up a lot of space at the top of your screen…

bp 20 - old nav bar

…we moved the navigational options to the left-hand side of the screen, creating a lot more room in the process.



This is just a preview of the changes we released to your merchant account – we hope you’ll enjoy taking advantage of all of the new features and functionality!

What Isn't Changing?

Here’s what’s not going to change:  directly from our platform, you can run 9 (and counting) innovative, effective campaigns to reward your site visitors and customers for almost anything:  following you on Twitter, visiting your Facebook Page, tweeting about you, retweeting one of your tweets, visiting a page on your site or reading content, signing up for your newsletter, and (of course!) making repeat purchases!  We have more campaigns in the works in the coming weeks and months as well.

Most importantly, our dedication to your success will never waver.  We’re happy to talk, chat, email, meet for coffee, or do whatever else it takes to make you as successful as possible with our platform.

-The Swell Team

Josh Enzer

Josh Enzer

Co-Founder and CEO at Swell


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