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We Changed Our Name! Here’s Everything You Need to Know

As of today (or yesterday if you follow us on social media), ChainPerks is now called “Swell Rewards” (or just “Swell” for short).  It’s a big change for us – we’re currently on the hunt for all of the mentions of our old name that we’ve missed, changing our email addresses, and making all of…

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Campaign Spotlight #5: Page Visit and Read Content!

For our last post in our Campaign Spotlight series, we’re going to be combining two exciting new campaigns into one – they’re our “Page Visit” and “Read Content” campaigns! What do These Campaigns Do?   Here at Swell, our team gets excited about allowing our merchants to incentivize not just repeat purchases, but the actions…

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Campaign Spotlight #4: Newsletter Signup!

We’re getting pretty close to the end of our Campaign Spotlight series, but we’re not quite there yet!  In today’s post, we’re going to cover one of our most compelling campaigns – the Newsletter Signup campaign! What Does the Newsletter Signup Campaign Do? Put very simply, our Newsletter Signup campaign allows you to offer a…

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Campaign Spotlight #3: Tweet and Retweet Campaigns!

Onwards with our Campaign Spotlight series!  Previously, we discussed our Twitter Follow and Facebook Page Visit campaigns in more detail.  Today, we’re going to cover two other new and exciting campaigns; this post is all about our “Tweet” and “Retweet” campaigns! What Do These Campaigns Do? Both our Tweet and Retweet campaigns are designed to help your site…

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