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We Just Rolled Out Changes for our Merchants, and Today We're Excited to Announce Some Big Updates for Consumers!


We Just Rolled Out Changes for our Merchants, and Today We're Excited to Announce Some Big Updates for Consumers!

In our last blog post, we discussed a number of exciting changes for our merchants; through our online platform, merchants are now able to reward their customers with points for "Following" them on a variety of social media platforms, subscribing to their Newsletters, visiting a webpage, reading any type of content, and more.

As we alluded to in our last announcement, we’ve also been hard at work on a series of changes to the consumer-facing side of our service as well.  Today, we’re excited to announce two important changes!

First, consumers will find it much easier to discover new merchants thanks to an update and refresh of what we're calling our "Merchant Center".  Additionally, consumers will also enjoy a much broader variety of options when it comes to redeeming their hard-earned points!

Let's take a deeper dive into each of our newly-released updates.

How Will it be Easier for Me to Find New Merchants?

When you log in as a consumer, you’ll now be able to see all of our incredible Swell Rewards merchants in one easy-to-navigate screen.  You’ll also have the ability to search our merchant list and to filter by the type of product(s) or service(s) they sell.  In the coming days, each of the promotions offered by our merchants will be clearly visible right under their name.

bp12 graphic - merchant center The merchant center is a one-stop shop to discover all of the incredible businesses which use Swell Rewards!

We’ll also soon be adding the ability for you to find merchants based on geographic location.  Some of our Swell Rewards merchants sell their goods exclusively online, but many are also “brick and mortar” retailers (or both)!  So long as the merchant is not exclusively online, we want you to be able to discover merchants located right around the corner.

For example, if you live in LA, we want you to be able to learn more about a business with a storefront in Hollywood instead of one in Miami.  And if you’re a merchant with a retail presence, this will be a great way for new potential customers in your area to learn more about you.

To participate in any of the promotions offered by each merchant, simply click the merchant’s icon to visit their site.  Once you’re there, look for the campaigns in the Swell Rewards widget – depending on the promotions they’re offering, you can participate by clicking on the links inside the widget or simply by making a purchase on the merchant’s site.

bp 12 - widget example Look for the "widget" on each Swell Rewards affiliated website!

When in doubt, the widget on the merchant’s site is always the place to participate in their promotions!

What About Those New Redemption Options?

With our latest release, we’ve made it even easier for you to redeem your points – and added a series of exciting redemption options on top of that!

When you click on the Redemption Center, you’ll be able to see your up-to-the-minute points balance, along with a history of where you’ve earned all of your points from.

bp 12 - redemption center home

Simply click on the “View Redemption Options” button to take a look at all of the different ways you can redeem your points.  Select the option(s) that make you happy, and once we take a quick peek, we’ll have your rewards out to you!

When you click on the “View Redemption Options” tab, you’ll notice that we have a LOT of ways you can redeem your points!  In addition to exchanging your points for cash via PayPal and Venmo, you can now redeem your points for digital gift cards to over 200 retailers, including Amazon, Starbucks, CVS, eBay, and more!  While we’re thrilled to be able to offer gift cards to such a variety of well-known retailers, going forward we’re also planning on adding ways for you to exchange your points for credit to some of our smaller businesses as well.

bp 12 - redemption center gift cards

If you do choose to redeem your points for a gift card, you’ll receive the link to that card via email within 24 hours of submitting your request.  You can either enter your gift card code on the retailer’s site during checkout, or simply show the gift card barcode to the store clerk if you choose to visit the store in person.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be working on even more ways for you to redeem your hard-earned points.  Our goal is to give you as broad of a selection as possible so that you’re sure to find something that makes you happy.  If there’s anything in particular you’d like to be able to redeem your points for, just shoot us a note at support@swellrewards.com.

Regardless of whether you’re a merchant or a consumer, we hope that you’re excited by these updates; we want to make it as easy and fun for everybody to earn, track, and exchange their points for great rewards.  Stay tuned for more updates in the future, and thanks for supporting the great independent businesses that use Swell Rewards!

Josh Enzer

Josh Enzer

Co-Founder and CEO at Swell


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